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  1. COVID Curve-ball
    1. Schedule
    2. Location of s/v Rachel J Slocum
  2. The Ultimate Social Distancing

In Project Slocum Part 2 of 5, we propose the following hypothesis: Sailing on a boat really seems like a reasonable post-apocalyptic plan. 

COVID Curve-ball

With the outbreak of coronavirus, we have been monitoring the news on closures worldwide as they relate to schools, offices, sporting events, retail stores, and travel over the upcoming weeks. We had originally slated a trip in March to Ft. Lauderdale when the owner would be back stateside. Now that a pandemic is upon us, we thought we would check in to see what his plans were. 

Although Andrew and I both feel comfortable with taking a domestic flight from California to Florida at this time, we could not presume that the owner would still feel the same way as he is flying from the Caribbean to Florida. We are crossing our fingers that the airlines and/or the government do not shut down domestic flights altogether to prevent our return.


The owner’s response was quite encouraging:

We were just talking this morning about you, and wondering if you were still planning to come.

My thought to my wife was that if someone was ready to cruise, this would be the time to think about it. In fact, if it turns out you are not interested in purchasing, we will haul the boat anyway and get it ready to cruise as a safety measure for ourselves.

I know of two uninhabited islands in the Bahamas, absolutely loaded with fish. Both are believed to be unapproachable and therefore off-limits to cruisers. But many years ago, while single handing on a previous sailboat, I found a route into a protected, deep water lagoon, wide enough for just one boat at anchorage, a route which no one else has ever discovered.

I spent a month there totally alone living off speared fish. One of the most memorable experiences of my life!

To which we responded, “Heck, yeah, we’re still coming!”



Here’s the itinerary for the four days of travel and due diligence.

3/19 Depart Jetblue #700 10:00
3/20 10:00 Meet aboard RJSlocum
3/21 2:00 Continued discussions
3/22 Depart Jetblue #701 10:30

Location of s/v Rachel J Slocum


The Ultimate Social Distancing

Sailing on a boat really seems like a reasonable post-apocalyptic plan. Current cruisers are experiencing varied impact depending where they are sailing.

  • Some are prevented from making landfall as reported by Sailing followtheboat 
  • Others are experiencing restriction of non-essential services as reported by Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose 
  • Still others who face 14-day quarantine presume that the quarantine time can be applied toward 19-day passage-making and will monitor their own health. In this case, they will experience minimal impact as written up in Cruising World.
  • For those of us new to cruising, we also get a quick compare and contrast round-up from The O’Kelly’s  
  • Finally, Sailing Fair Isle reports of port closures in Spain, really putting a damper on the sailing season.  

I guess it all depends.

If you want to talk about social distancing, I see your 6 feet of space and raise you 60 nautical miles. Andrew and I can hang out in the Bahamas until everything blows over. Then when we’re ready to make landfall, we’ll do so when we feel safe. 

Think of it as the dyslexic version of “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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