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Some of you have reached out to find out how to support us. Each time we hear this request from you, we’re a little bit surprised, and the reason is this:

We decided to begin this next chapter to learn how to approach life differently and share whatever we discovered along the way. It is our privilege to have this opportunity now, and we’re delighted you would like to be part of it.

We value the time you have chosen to spend with us, reading our blog or following us on social media. If we make a connection with you based on the thoughts, stories and ideas we present, we are thrilled. So when you go further to volunteer to sponsor us financially, we are speechless.

Photo by David Bartus
Photo by David Bartus

Join the Crew

If you would like to contribute, please consider joining the Serenade Wind crew. Our sister site provides more information on what it means to be part of the crew, unlock the pirate’s booty, and receive other exclusive access and benefits.

If you’re not in a position to contribute, our content is available for free here and represents about 80% of the total content we produce.

In our next post, we’ll announce the unique gift we’d like to share with the first 50 members of the Serenade Wind crew.

“Don’t make people pay for music. Let them.” ~ Amanda Palmer

Art of Asking

In the course of thinking about adding new features to, we came across Farkwar, a free position reporting service which was developed by Tucker Bradford.

Tucker developed this tool for himself after he sailed across the Pacific with his family in 2012. He noted that while cruisers are phenomenally social as a group, the tools we use are not. He wanted to have a position reporting tool that could allow him to easily embed a map on his blog or export his waypoints for future use. Farkwar ties directly into Facebook and Twitter profiles, so you can post your position on your Facebook Wall or Twitter timeline.

It’s free?

Tucker built the tool for himself because he needed it. He has added features, pays for the hosting, troubleshoots errors and provides this support to his fellow cruisers indefinitely because he loves this community.

He is not, however, too proud to ask for help though after watching Amanda Palmer’s TED talk. He knows that a lot of us are sailing on a shoestring, and those of us that are, are the ones who need Farkwar the most.

In a passionate talk seen by millions (over 12.3 million viewers on TED and another 5.9 million on Youtube, at the time of this writing), Amanda Palmer examines the new relationship between artist and fan. After you watch the video, you’ll see that in the end…

It’s about connection.

If you would like to delve deeper into our adventure as it unfolds, please consider joining the Serenade Wind Crew. Our sister site provides more information on what it means to be part of the crew, unlock the pirate’s booty, and receive other exclusive access and benefits.The first 50 members have a gift waiting.