Hippo Book

Reading Time: 5 minutes A few months ago, Jan Wooller got in touch with us. Along with her sage advice, she sent along a copy of her book, “We Hate Hippos: Stories of a Sea Gypsy’s Life.” I take the Hippo book (which I have come to refer to it with Andrew) as knowledge dispensed from a friend who is looking out for you. 


Ethical Sailing

Reading Time: 4 minutes A couple months ago, we decided to experiment with ways to go green. For us this means, living deliberately and raising our awareness about how we impact the world around us. Here are a few updates on our progress towards ethical sailing. Happy World Oceans Day!


Water water everywhere

Reading Time: 5 minutes What else is there to do while you’re observing stay-at-home orders until May 15th during this pandemic? We performed a little experiment at home to measure the amount of water used while showering so we could figure out how long can we daydream in the shower.


Going Green

Reading Time: 6 minutes To us, sailing will bring us a life of adventure, and it will also bring us closer to nature as we witness that our choices will make a direct impact on the world around us. In this post, we talk about ways of going green. Since we are still observing stay at home protocols, we may as well test this out for ourselves now.


Upcycle R Us

Reading Time: 4 minutes Upcycle R Us. With few options to buy items in stores due to coronavirus, here is an opportunity to break a habit. Rather than instinctually ordering online, why not look around your house & create a solution based on what you already have?


Every 6 Weeks

Reading Time: 3 minutes For the past 5 years, every hairstylist I have encountered has done a hack job, and I vowed that I could do better than any of them. With salons and barbers closed these days, you may also want to give DIY haircuts every 6 weeks.


Set your waypoint

Reading Time: 5 minutes Rather than overreact to coronavirus media hype, set your waypoint & maintain a steady course through these rough seas we call life.


Go/No-Go Decision

Reading Time: 8 minutes Tumultuous would be le mot juste to describe the week which followed our trip to Ft. Lauderdale. As the week progressed, we would have to face a go/no-go decision with regards to purchasing s/v Rachel J. Slocum. Under the shadow of coronavirus, find out what we decided.


Project Slocum Part 4

Reading Time: 8 minutes As we shared previously in Part 1 – Part 3 of this series, we didn’t take this trip lightly. We went ahead with it. and now in Project Slocum Part 4, we share our thoughts on the trip, much like a day-in-the-life.  


Project Slocum Part 2

Reading Time: 3 minutes In Project Slocum Part 2 of 5, we explore the following idea: Sailing on a boat really seems like a reasonable post-apocalyptic plan. #noahsark