In the arena

Reading Time: 5 minutes For those of you about to jump in the arena to begin a voyaging life, your critics will come from any (and all) directions. Depending on how much you value that relationship, you will need to come up with ways of dealing with this dynamic. Here are the five ways we handled this.



Reading Time: 4 minutes If you tried to send me a Linkedin request over the past dozen years or so, chances are I didn’t see it. Apologies if you think I was ignoring you. Please don’t take it personally. I was ignoring Linkedin.



Reading Time: 5 minutes We’ve been digging into a little history about RJ Slocum and her first chapter which spans over 30 years. Here’s what we discovered.


Happy Birthday!

Reading Time: 6 minutes Staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic sure makes it hard to plan a surprise for Andrew. I am probably nuts to be writing a happy birthday blog weeks in advance, as it may tip my hand on my plans. But it sure is fun to see what will happen!


Project Slocum Update

Reading Time: 4 minutes For those curious, here is a Project Slocum update. We scraped all our pennies together and put a deposit on s/v Rachel J Slocum. We are officially in escrow… Time to celebrate!


Support Local

Reading Time: 6 minutes What are you willing to do to support local businesses? In our latest post, find out our approach. It may involve taking calculated risks in order to live a full life. In the process, we may continue to accumulate some minor injuries. It’s a small price to pay… and it could help out local businesses too.


Free Will or Fate

Reading Time: 9 minutes Free will or fate is about how Life sometimes throws you curveballs and gives you an opportunity to face adversity but also to grow closer together. In short succession, we had three such curveballs thrown at us and this is how we fared.


Throw back

Reading Time: 6 minutes One of the hardest areas to tackle when downsizing and purging your belongings is figuring out what to do with sentimental items. I thought clothes would be tough. They were a breeze compared to this. When I evaluated these items, I discovered 3 reasons in their favor: learning tool, empathy and throw back.


Set your waypoint

Reading Time: 5 minutes Rather than overreact to coronavirus media hype, set your waypoint & maintain a steady course through these rough seas we call life.


Climb until you fall

Reading Time: 5 minutes Bill is the Tommy Caldwell of sailing. Once the coronavirus curve flattens, we’ll study Bill’s beta on a schooner to dial in our skills and begin to sail around the world.


Project Slocum Part 4

Reading Time: 8 minutes As we shared previously in Part 1 – Part 3 of this series, we didn’t take this trip lightly. We went ahead with it. and now in Project Slocum Part 4, we share our thoughts on the trip, much like a day-in-the-life.  


Project Slocum Part 3

Reading Time: 4 minutes In Project Slocum Part 3, we provide updates on a few different topics since they all seem to interplay this week leading up to our trip to Ft. Lauderdale.


Selectively Social

Reading Time: 2 minutes Solitude is the key to creativity, to break-through thoughts, and to innovation. It is the birthplace of ideas. Here is the story of selectively social introverts.


Going with the Flow

Reading Time: 4 minutes At some point, Andrew asked the question, why don’t we just take it easy. We’ll play the weekend by ear. When we wake up Saturday morning, let’s see how we feel. And then we can decide what we want to do. Find out how a “recovering planner” would react to going with the flow.


Sailing Around the World

Reading Time: 5 minutes Sailing around the world is bringing your home wherever you travel. Our lives had become so frenetic. When our goals crystalized through our whiteboard exercise, we wondered how to reincorporate sailing. It starts by letting go of living on land, moving aboard a sailboat and finding your dream job.