Throw back

Reading Time: 6 minutes One of the hardest areas to tackle when downsizing and purging your belongings is figuring out what to do with sentimental items. I thought clothes would be tough. They were a breeze compared to this. When I evaluated these items, I discovered 3 reasons in their favor: learning tool, empathy and throw back.


2020 Sailing Plan

Reading Time: 5 minutes During these times of uncertainty, it is helpful to sketch out a preliminary plan to feel like you have control over something. Also, it’s a pleasant distraction from the 24/7 coronavirus news. Here is our 2020 Sailing Plan.


Climb until you fall

Reading Time: 5 minutes Bill is the Tommy Caldwell of sailing. Once the coronavirus curve flattens, we’ll study Bill’s beta on a schooner to dial in our skills and begin to sail around the world.


Happy 5th Anniversary!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Happy anniversary! Andrew and I are unlike most couples. We celebrated by climbing and boat shopping on anniversary. Since life is short, why not spend your time pursuing your passions?


Sailing Around the World

Reading Time: 5 minutes Sailing around the world is bringing your home wherever you travel. Our lives had become so frenetic. When our goals crystalized through our whiteboard exercise, we wondered how to reincorporate sailing. It starts by letting go of living on land, moving aboard a sailboat and finding your dream job.